My Woes with Oracle Databases

I have been extensively working with the Oracle Database over the last couple of weeks. I thought I would share some of my experiences. The version I've been playing around isn't the newest, but, it roughly compares with the versions of MySQL and SQL Servers when I was learning databases. There is quite an interesting comparison of the capabilities.

No Auto-Increment

There is no syntax to define an auto increment when defining a new or modifying an existing table. One has to create a trigger to create an auto-increment on a column.

Inconsistent/Unintuitive Syntax

Some of the syntaxes are inconsistent and therefore inconsistent. Let's take ALTAER TABLE construct as our example. To add a new column, we have ADD column_name column_type whilst to delete a column DELETE COLUMN column_name.

PLSQL is Crap

Don't ever try to run more than 150 update queries at once, the thing just gonna crash.