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Architecting WPF - Part 1 - Closer Look at MVVM pattern

I've been spending a lot of time learning about WPF recently and its chief design pattern: MVVM. It is partly work-related, as we've been doing some major backend refactoring and could take the advantage to change some of the front-end too. We've been gradually adopting WPF because apparently, Blazor and co. are still unproven to

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MediaElement Not Firing Events

Today, we encountered quite an interesting problem. MediaElement wasn't firing events. Using simple speech synthesis on Windows 8.1 using the speech synthesiser we tried:

None of the variations worked. The speech worked just the event wasn't getting fired. After a bit of digging it turned out that in order to fire events MediaElement must

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Set background color for all buttons in WPF

Hehe, simple enough thing, but took long enough. You need to use resources to do it.

In there you can define styles:

It is simple enough to read: apply it to buttons. Property: Background set the value to whatever color you like.

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Image FadeOut Animation

Today, I decided to play around with WPF a little bit. I created a simple App for animating a logo

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