Category: Visual Studio

Partial View not being published

I encountered a bit of a problem today. I've added a partial view manually to the project (i.e. it wasn't generated by the VS). To my annoyance, when I deployed the application to the test server the *.cshtml was not copied. After a bit of digging around, I found the problem. It turned out that

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The Output window in VS 2013

I accidentally closed the output 'window' in my VS 2013. I cannot believe it took me that long to find this, but hopefully it will save you some time:

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"The target application has been unloaded" - the annoying error

"The target application has been unloaded" is highlighted by Visual Studio, but doesn't actually do anything. Interestingly enough the error wasn't doing anything. It was just highlighted by Visual Studio and prevented the syntax highlighter as well as the code builder from working. After finding nothing on the internet I gave up and went home.

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