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EF Core - using letters instead numbers for enums in the database

Sometimes, I actually prefer to store letters for rather than integers in the database. Yes, it can be less performant (as you do need to implement a custom converter), but can make the database a lot easier to read. Consider the example below that TradeDirection. It might be more preferable to see B and S

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Extremely simple Producer Consumer Pattern in C#

.NET has introduced a library called System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow which is now included with .NET Core. Library contains BufferBlock<T> which is great data structure to implement an extremely simple Producer-Consumer pattern.

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GUID as an Alternative Key in EF Core

EF Core supports GUIDs as IDs. However, I've run into a couple of instances where it is/not not supported by 3rd party libraries (like I also prefer to use numerical IDs in the database as they take less space and are far more convenient to work with. However, exposing sequential numeric IDs can lead

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IEnumerable Any() and First() - Fun C# Code 5

I ran into an interesting problem today. Using CsvHelper, I was getting a list of records from a file, then check if there are any records to process. If not then skip processing of that file, otherwise, pick the first record and do something with the data. I've added a couple of unit tests to

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Deconstructing KeyValuePair into a tuple in a foreach - Fun C# Code 4

Did you know you can deconstruct in a foreach loop? Suppose you have a dictionary

If used a lot, it might be worth adding it to System namespace; thereby avoiding adding using statements everywhere.

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Using LocalDB for Integration/Unit Tests

Long did I hold this perception that integration tests are hard. With EF core, they are actually really easy. Instead of using SQL Sever, we can substitute with LocalDB. Run this before running the tests and you'll have your db setup. After calling EnsureCreated you can add things into the database.

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Select Multiple Properties using Linq - Fun C# Code #3

C#'s Linq is an simply amazing. However, as far as I know, there is no built-in ability to select multiple fields (of the same type) and return them, so here you go

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ASP.NET Core - Optimisation Hacks

Google has developed a tool called PageSpeed. It highlighted couple of quick wins I could do to improve website's loading time. Website loading times are one of the most deceptive metrics to measure during development. Website development is frequently done on a local machine when download times are neligiable. It is only once the website

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ConcurrentDictionary - Get Snapshot and Clear - Fun C# Code #2

Recently, I was asked to write a 'real-time' calculator and the output value was to be stored in Redis. For legacy reasons, it also had to be stored in the database though, only the latest value had to be kept. As the calculator was spewing values, they were stored in a ConcurrentDictionary. When the timer

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Fun C# Code #1 - Infinite Delay (until cancelled)

I came across this code when reading 'Concurrency in C# Cookbook' by Stephen Cleary. Did you know you can have an infinite Task.Delay without loops?

Obviously, there isn't much point in spinning a task that litterally will do nothing. You can use a CancellationToken to cancel the task.

No point. It's just one

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