Logging information in Android Apps

Being a bit of a reliability freak, I really enjoy knowing what's going on in my app. How it moves from one line of code to the next.


The word "verbose" literally means more words than necessary. This mode usually show how the program's flow control.


Debugging has the next level in the hierarchy. Debugging is usually used to show values from particular parts of the program e.g.


Information logging is quite important. It comes especially useful in asynchronous tasks e.g.


Warnings are important. They inform us if the application may behave... for a lack of a better word: "oddly". For instance, server is not responding, but you try a different one e.g.


Errors are very important. They inform us that the application cannot proceed with execution because a precondition was not satisfied for some reason.


This is only used to prevent data loss -> bluescreen of death