About Me



I am Dawid. I take a particular interest are in web technologies, software engineering and general ethics in IT.

Outside of technology, I like physics. I particular I enjoy astrophysics, cosmology, and quantum physics.

Why Althares?

Antares is a red star in the Scorpio constellation. Althares is simply a variation on that name which had a free domain :D. Name "Althares" is a reminder of my student days. I used to build bespoke websites for small local business and organizations (some of which you can still see in the "Projects"). The website also had a blog which I updated very regularly. The blog has become rather popular and is currently being visited by some 1000 people/month. Most of the projects at the time were also build under the name 'Althares' and the name sort of stuck around. Although I no longer build websites for people, the domain remained.